Elicina Snail Cream - The 1st and Original Healing Snail Cream in World

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The 1st and Original Snail Cream in the world. 

 Since year 1995. Made in Chile.

Best Healing cream!


Elicina Snail Cream, Regular 40g

ELICINA products have been designed to be as natural as possible. Its composition is: 80% extract and 20% excipients.After many years of hard work, we proudly present ELICINA snail cream, an original product from Chile, organic, natural and hypoallergenic. To date it has had a overwhelming acceptance in and beyond our frontiers.

ELICINA is perfect for people with mixed or oily complexion. ELICINA does not contain moisturizers, therefore we recommend people who use it for their complexion to use the new ELICINA PLUS, in order to avoid excessive dryness or tightness produced by the exfoliant action of the extract.

Be one of those to enjoy the great and real benefits that only can be offered by the inventors and creators of the Snail Cream. Your skin deserves the Original.

Ways Of Use

FACE: A small amount of ELICINA is recommended to be applied twice a day on previously cleaned skin. Please ensure avoiding eye contact as irritation will most likely occur, should this be the case, rinse off with plenty of water. Due to the fact that ELICINA is non-greasy and has a rapid absorbsion, people may wear make-up immediately after applying ELICINA.

BODY: Apply ELICINA twice a day using a small amount. ELICINA doesn’t stain clothes nor skin in direct contact to sunlight. It doesn’t contain perfume or colorants. You’ll notice from the moment you apply ELICINA on your skin a thin white film that absorbs in seconds. There is no need to massage ELICINA, just apply as you would any cream and it will begin to work on your skin.

SCARS AND/OR BURNS: ELICINA is recommended twice a day. A small burning sensation could be felt when applied but it last only a few seconds.

STRETCH MARK PREVENTION: ELICINA has proven itself ideal in preventing stretch mark formation during pregnancy. It should be applied twice a day during the full pregnancy period in areas where stretch marks can occur. Stretch marks have three phases: 1st The purple colored stretch mark: this is when the stretch mark is easier to fade away applying Elicina. 2nd The pink colored stretch mark: here it is still possible to diminish the stretch mark although it would take more time. 3rd The white colored stretch mark: here is where there are not many things to do about it neither cosmetically nor surgically.

Results depend on two factors, first the phase where the stretch mark is at and second on the type of skin. All skins act differently from one and other. Generally people who use Elicina have seen results in the first month of use. Consistency is key for good results.

SUN & AGE SPOTS: Use twice a day and apply a sun factor afterwards if you desire. This should avoid spot reappearance and help ELICINA to perform the cellular exfoliation process in less time with greater effects.

ACNE: Use twice a day not only over affected areas but over greater extensions of normal skin. For example, if your acne is on your forehead, nose and chin, it is best to apply in the whole face.

*If you’re to use ELICINA for spots on your hands, remember to apply each time after washing them.

*People of all ages can use ELICINA without any problems.



Elicina "Plus", Snail Cream 40g

ELICINA PLUS has the same 80% of snail extract with the only difference that the other 20% are enriched with carefully selected humectants to give your skin a balanced and effective moisture. This new formulation gives your skin a refreshing sensation of elasticity and firmness.ELICINA PLUS , the snail cream that everyone was waiting for, designed for all of those with dry and/or sensitive skin that require more humectants in order to avoid irritation, dryness and tightness.

ELICINA PLUS is the only snail cream that contains 80% snail extract, which makes it truly effective in theregeneration of tissue. Plus, it does'nt contain perfume or color with the idea of keeping it as natural as possible (the snail is not sacrificed in this process).

Apply the same way as regular ELICINA.

Be one of those to enjoy the great and real benefits that only can be offered by the inventors and creators of the Snail Cream. Your skin deserves the Original.


Elicina "Pocket", Snail Cream 20g 
(available for "Regular" and "Plus")


Because Elicina is used by men, women and children; we wanted to make Pocket a practical and unisex packaging.

Elicina Pocket, designed specifically to be taken everywhere, in your purse, suitcase, backpack or pocket. Pocket comes in a 0.70 Oz. tube with Elicina cream and it fits in your pocket.

Everyone carries it as they wish, in childrens backpack when they go to school, in mens briefcases when they go to work, in college students jacket pockets and in every womans purse.

Its formulation and properties are the same as Elicina cream. Use it in cases of: Burns, Scars, Minor cuts, Spots, Acne, Wrinkles, Stretch marks, Queloids and Warts.

Get your Pocket, you never know when you might need it 



Elicina Eye Contour Cream XT 



Elicina XT Eye Contour Cream Snail-Plantain takes us to a new level of treatment for the most delicate facial skin and the first to show signs of aging. Elicina XT is double potency in regeneration, peeling and elasticity.

The combination of both extracts allow us to offer a final product of high quality that does not only regenerates and rejuvenates the skin but it also delays its aging process because its combined extracts produce a natural peeling and a stimulation of the production of Collagen.

Elicina XT diminishes and softens wrinkles, lines of expressions and delays aging signs thanks to these two extracts combined that contain in natural form: Allantoin, Collagen, Elastin, Proteins, Glycolic Acid, Aucubin and Vitamins B1 and C.

Elicina XT is unscented and does not contain colorants therefore; it is preserved as natural as possible.

Ways of Use:
It is applied twice a day in a small amount on clean skin. Elicina XT will quickly absorb leaving the applied region soft and smooth.

Because your skin deserves the original.



Do you know? All good quality snail cream use extracts only fromChilean snails. Then, is there any snail cream from Chile?

YES! There is! 

Infact the first commercially introduced snail cream is Chilean and it is ELICINA! 

ELICINA remains the best quality snail cream brand.

Elicina snail cream has been introduced in many popular TV-programs worldwide

including in Taiwan Nu Ren Wo Zui Da(女人我最大)and Kangxi lai le(康熙来了),as follow:














Elicina snail cream has been long well known & published in worldwide magazines and newspaper:









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